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Basics Of Single-Platform Search Service

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Consistency of your information online is key in boosting your business’ local search results. However, due to the wide range of platforms that businesses utilize in order to reach out to their target audience, managing this data is a monumental task. Ensuring that all available important information is correctly updated and consistent across the web is not only time consuming and labor-intensive but it is also prone to errors.

In order to bypass these challenges, Single-Platform search service, as the name suggests, offers businesses such as restaurants, salons, gyms amongst others one place to update their menus, photos, specials, announcements and other important information. With this service, you can easily manage your online presence from one platform.

The single-platform search service offers businesses a wide array of tools to help them to avail and update their most important information on different sites and apps which consumers use to find local businesses and make purchasing decisions. These tools include an analytics tool, social media scheduler, mobile and desktop site creation, and listing optimization.

SinglePlatform publishes your menus and other important information to the top search engines, listing directories, smartphone apps, social media, and travel and review sites. In a bid to boost the growth of your local business, they have developed a reliable technology, partnering network, and dedicated client support team. The secret to promoting and pushing your brand forward is to ensure that your important business information is being showcased accurately and strategically across all platforms online. This is what SinglePlatform promises to deliver.

Benefits Of Single-Platform Search Service

Increased Visibility

As a restaurant owner, you want your potential customers to easily discover your business whenever they perform a search of restaurants in their area. The more information you have posted on popular search sites and apps, the easier it will be for customers to learn about your establishments and what you offer. They will quickly find what they are looking for and, hence, will visit your restaurant.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have consistent and accurate information regarding your menus, location, hours open and other necessary information across all channels on the internet which customers might use to find it. In order to find restaurants, diners mainly use search apps and sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, FourSquare, and more. SinglePlatform allows you to automatically post this information in such sites.

Customer Engagement

Another benefit of this service is that it allows your business to constantly engage with and provide important information to existing and potential customers on social media. Announcements, special offers, menu updates, and other information can be quickly posted across all social media channels. This makes it easier for potential clients to not only learn more about your business but also engage with it. Future updates and announcements can also be scheduled and automatically posted.

Valuable Business Insights

Amongst the tools offered by this service is a comprehensive analytics tool. You can use this tool to learn what working and what’s not working in your marketing campaign. You can also gain valuable information about your customers’ search behavior and patterns, and location and use this information to improve your marketing strategy.