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The Important Vitamins For Skin

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There are a lot of vitamins that you need to be healthy and that will benefit your skin. If you have skin issues, you need to know the important vitamins for skin. Some of these important vitamins for skin are ones you know about while others are commonly connected to other benefits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a very important role in the health of your skin and has been found to help treat psoriasis. This vitamin is generally produced by the body when you get sunlight. When this happens cholesterol will convert to vitamin D which is taken by the liver and kidney’s then transported to the rest of the body. In the skin, the vitamin will help to create healthy cells.

When you have vitamin D, you will have less skin inflammation. Skin irritation will also be decreased when you get enough of this vitamin. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can increase your vitamin D levels such as eating foods with high natural vitamin D levels such as salmon and tuna. Getting 10 minutes of sunlight exposure will also boost your levels, but you need to be careful with this.

Vitamin C

Most people associate this vitamin with keeping colds and illness at bay, but it is also very beneficial for your skin. This vitamin is found in high levels in the epidermis and the dermis which is why you need to get enough of it. It plays a role in collagen production which is vital to keeping your skin healthy. This is one of the reasons why vitamin C is an ingredient in many anti-aging skincare products.

Vitamin C can also provide protection for your skin from UV rays. This is done by decreasing cell damage and boosting the healing process of wounds. This vitamin can also prevent dry skin and will reduce the appearance of wrinkles in many cases.

Vitamin K

A lot of people do not consider vitamin K when looking at the vitamins that you need. However, this vitamin is essential in the blood clotting process which helps with wound healing and bruises. This vitamin will also help with certain skin conditions such as scars, dark spots, stretch marks and circles under the eyes.

Fortunately, most people will have enough vitamin K in their diet, but you might need more. There are certain foods that you can eat which boost your levels of this vitamin such as lettuce, kale and green beans. There are also some topical creams that you can use which have high levels of vitamin K.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is one that most people associate with skincare. This is due to the fact that the vitamin protects against sun damage by absorbing UV light. The body will naturally produce this vitamin through sebum which helps prevent dryness. If you have very dry skin, you will need to increase your vitamin E intake.

There are certain important vitamins that you need for healthy skin. These vitamins will include vitamin E, C, D, and K. If you have skin problems, you might need to increase your intake level of these vitamins.

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