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Removing Metals From Water With An Under The Sink Filter

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More than often enough, your purified supply of drinking water that comes from your local water company comes directly to your tap with a series of impurities. And we know exactly how bad it can be for you and your family as well as anyone who drinks from it. Our article goes further into removing metals from water.

If you didn’t already know, your drinking water could be contaminated with pesticides, pathogens or organisms which cause diseases, various chemicals and even excessive amounts of chlorine. Additionally, there are several heavy metals which are found in your water that makes it even more unfit for consumption. However, these metals tend to exist in nature within the earth’s crust. Due to their atomic composition, they tend to have a higher specific gravity as well as a relatively high atomic weight.

The heavy metals found within your drinking water are copper, zinc, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, chromium, iron and cadmium. However, the human body requires a trace amount of zinc, copper and even selenium, but when supplied in excess, it can become extremely dangerous even if it exists in small amounts. Additionally, these elements find themselves in your drinking water to various human activities which disrupts the natural or rather ecological balance of how things work. Due to this, it is important to be fully aware of the dangers of consuming drinking water that contains heavy metals.

You can even perform a test for chemicals with the water that comes from your tap. This aids in letting you know what you have too much of and how to get rid or significantly remove it. When it comes to removing lead, mercury and copper you can easily install an activated carbon filter. This significantly reduces the natural amount of heavy metals contained within your drinking water.

However, activated carbon filters can come in a variety of different sizes and are available to facilitate your water pressure at particular pipe. And if you’re interested in installing an under sink set up, you can connect a water line to a store-bought canister that contains a drop-in filter. So, if you’re going to properly remove your heavy metals, you’ll need to ensure that your filtering system meets the NSF Standard 53. This just simply ensures that a significant amount of mercury, copper and lead is removed before consumption.

It’s best to also keep in mind that most of the times, your typical under the sink filtering system can also be installed with a state-of-the-art lead-free water faucet. This just simply allows you to keep tabs on the water you filter, and only drinking water will be filtered and not necessarily your dish washing water as well. Any under the sink filtration system comes with all the components that you’ll need for installation and they even come with their specially designed filter.

As we conclude we have just looked at removing metals from water. Remember to filter before you consume tap water. So, go out and get yourself a filter and make it a successful DIY project!

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