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5 Must Have Supplements Every Guy Should Take

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5 Must Have Supplements Every Guy Should Take

As they age, men begin to struggle. Their energy levels go down, it becomes harder to grow new muscle, or even keep the muscle they already have. With less muscle mass, it becomes easier to pile on slabs of fat.

It can be shockingly easy for a ‘fit’ man in his mid-20’s to lose 10 or 15 pounds of muscle and gain 10 or 15 pounds of fat even if they don’t make any changes to their diet or exercise program.

This is where certain supplements every guy should take can play a very important role. If men want to stay fit, keep or build muscle and prevent body fat gain, while keeping their energy levels high, they’ll need to pay more attention to what they put into their body.

The supplement game can be overwhelming. There are so many different kinds, you can’t possibly take them all, even if they were all effective.

So what are the must have supplements every guy should take?

1. Fish Oil

For starters, you must take a quality fish oil supplement. Essential fatty acids are crucial for health. They’ve been proven to fight many chronic diseases like heart disease and even cognitive decline. The typical modern diet is very deficient in essential fatty acids, especially the Omega-3’s.

Men should take fish oil every day.

But it’s not just all those great health benefits that make fish oil one of the most important supplements for men. As men age, testosterone levels decline. Testosterone plays a key role in everything that makes men men! Testosterone affects muscle mass and energy levels, not to mention sex drive.

If you really want a testosterone boost, there are a few supplements for men that work well. And the number one testosterone boosting supplement available is fish oil.

Fish oil has been called the most anabolic legal supplement available, according to the late nutrition and supplement expert, Dan Duchaine. And anabolic steroids are mostly derivatives of testosterone.

2. Green Tea Extract

Another great addition is Green Tea Extract. Green tea has some incredibly powerful anti-oxidants and fight inflammation and oxidative damage from aging.

Green tea is also effective as a fat burner. It’s been shown that green tea can boost your metabolism by 4% so you’re burning more calories every day without doing more exercise.

3. Protein Powder

You’ll also want to add a quality protein powder. Most men don’t get enough protein. Protein powder makes it really easy to get the extra protein you need without all the extra calories from eating more food.

Protein powder supplies high quality amino acids, which are important for building and keeping muscle. It also keeps the metabolism high and plays a key role in burning fat.

4. Vitamin D

Please be sure to take Vitamin D. Almost everyone is deficient in Vitamin D since we spend most of our time indoors.

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be connected to everything from chronic pain, cognitive decline and depression. You’ll definitely want to take this supplement every day.

5. A “Super foods” Drink

Almost everyone is deficient in their fruits and vegetables, despite how incredibly important they are for overall health and well being. Adding a super foods drink will help men make sure they get the vitamins and minerals they need.

By adding these five supplements every guy should take to your daily routine, you’ll go a long way to increasing energy levels, improving body composition (more muscle, less fat) and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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