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Avoid Panic Over Lost items With The Chipolo Classic Bluetooth Tracker

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We all have busy lives – in fact, that has become the defining characteristic of life in the 21st century. Given the level of distractions that we are faced with and the most pervasive sense of urgency that we feel, it is almost inevitable that we will misplace those items that make modern life so convenient. Two prime examples are our car keys and our mobile phones. It is safe to say that misplacing wither of these two items can increase our levels of anxiety significantly. However, thank the latest technology the stress of misplacing either of these items can be reduced significantly – or in many cases simply eliminated.

The Chipolo Classic Bluetooth Tracker is one seemingly simple device that allows users to locate either keys or phone easily and quickly. It is seemingly simple and the operation is easy – but the impact that it can have on the lives of those of us who are prone to misplacing essential items is enormous.

The Chipolo Classic is simplicity itself to operate. If you have misplaced your phone you simply double tap the Chipolo disk and your phone will ring. Lose your keys and you can use your smartphone to trach them down – nothing could be simpler.

The Chipolo disks are available in a number of colors including the classic black or white for those who want that classic understated elegance and unobtrusive appearance. The Classic makes use of a CR2025 button battery which the user can very easily replace him or herself. There is another option which is waterproof called the ‘Chipolo Plus’ – but it is a sealed unit and needs to be replaced every time the battery runs down. Even with the discounts offered by the manufacturer, this is going to be a more expensive option.

Setup of the Bluetooth System could not be simpler. Download the App from either the App Store or Google Play. Follow the easy instructions, squeeze your Chipolo and wait for the system to sync to the device. Name the function (e.g. ‘keys’) and you are ready to go – peace of mind assured.

Lose your keys (for example) and use your phone App to ‘ring to find’ and the Chipolo will let out a discrete little 92db call – which should be audible from all areas of a home. Ambient noise outdoors may limit the distance from which the Chipolo can be heard to around 15 meters. If it is out of range the App will show you where the last known position was – then you can scan again – and hopefully in this way track down your wayward property.

If you lose your phone the process simply works in reverse. Press the Chipolo twice and your phone will ring. If it is out of range you can log into the Chipolo website using a password and username you set up and then your phone can be tracked and a custom message sent.

This is a useful piece of tech – and solves an all too common challenge of modern life. Well worth the investment of around $25.

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