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Mattresses For Couples – Ending The Comfort Battle

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Do you both toss and turn all night? Or is it just one of you that can never get comfortable? It might be time for you to shop for mattresses for couples so you can both get a good night’s sleep, every night.

The Challenge

Everybody has a personal preference on the firmness of a mattress. The problem is when a couple has a big gap in their comfort levels. What if he loves a firm mattress, while she likes a soft mattress that wraps her in softness?

If he gets his way, she will toss and turn on the hard mattress. If she wins the battle, he will feel like he is being sucked into a hole and is always trying to climb out.

There a couple of ways to solve the comfort gap.

Solution 1 – Compromise

The most common solution to the problem is to compromise on the firmness of the mattress. You can choose a mattress that is halfway in between your ideal comfort levels and hopefully your bodies will adjust.

It is critical that both of you go shopping for the new mattress if you choose to compromise. Take the time to go to mattress store where you can lay down on a variety of mattresses to see what feel comfortable for both of you. You may not find a mattress that is perfect for either of you but is at least close.

Solution 2 – Adjustable Mattresses For Couples

This is the solution that guarantees a restful night for both of you. Adjustable firmness mattresses for couples allow you to adjust your side of the mattress to the perfect firmness for you. His side can be extra firm, while her side can be soft and inviting. You each get to dial in the perfect comfort level.

This solution does cost a little more but could prevent you from buying a new mattress again in a year or two when you decide that new traditional mattress is not that comfortable after all.

What about the cuddle time in the middle? This is one of the concerns frequently brought up by couples. How do you deal with the transition between the two sides when you want a little time snuggled up together? Remember, both sides are adjustable and adjust the firmness quickly. You can balance your firmness between the two sides when you want to snuggle, and then when you are ready to sleep, dial it back to your ideal firmness.

The quick adjustment has a secondary bonus, too. If you wake up in the middle of the night and feel uncomfortable, you and adjust the firmness to how you feel at that moment. You are not stuck with a single firmness level day after day, or even for the entire night.

If you and your partner are not far apart in comfort level, compromising on a mattress can save money. But, if one of your loves a soft bed and the other a firm bed, it may be time to try out one of the adjustable mattresses for couples.

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