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“Production Home Building Helps to Reduce Costs for Buyers “

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A production home building firm will build condos, townhouses, homes and other properties for rent on land that they own. They will build these properties using their stock plans that they obtain from architects that they engage or outsource to.

These builders will construct a large number of properties every year, and these units will get built whether they have customers for them or not. These homes or other buildings will be sold eventually, as there is always a constant need for real estate. Builders of production homes will not generally undertake to build any homes that architects design for particular customers. Their philosophy is to build in bulk with their designs as this can lead to lower production costs, and then depend on their marketing efforts to bring in customers who will buy their homes.

Firms that are into production home building will offer their customers some options to choose finishes so that the particular home has some form of customization. So, as a customer for these production built homes, you can choose your colors, your flooring, your faucets, and your countertops. They further limit the number of choices, so that their objective of reduced costs that result from bulk buying and execution are not diluted.

Buying a production built home does save the ultimate homeowner the hassle of appointing architects, getting building permissions, and appointing contractors and supervising their work. The fact that they are built in bulk helps to greatly reduce costs, which is to the advantage of the buyer.

Production home builders start with buying parcels of land that they then divide into lots that can be sold individually. They then build homes that are almost identical, on each of these lots by appointing contractors. They arrange for the designs, architectural and structural, that will go into the homes that come up on each of these lots. They may decide on the type of homes to be built depending on the neighborhood or what they consider is the demand for housing in that area. They will often add shopping, entertainment, leisure and other areas within the complex being built which have to be independently commercially viable for them, and yet act as an incentive for buyers. In fact, very large complexes are built on a neighborhood principle and will be practically be designed as mini towns.

These large complexes will also offer several plans for buyers to select from and may also give their buyers the choice of different elevations to give the home its individuality. The price of the lot is built into the price, though certain builders of production homes may charge a premium for lots that have many advantages, like being near to a playground, market or others.

You can always ask for changes in production built homes, but they come at a price that buyers have to pay, and even here these changes will be rather limited. It often makes more sense to go with the homes that are offered and postpone any required changes to a later more convenient time.

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