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Reasons To Choose A Self Monitored Security System

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Reasons To Choose A Self Monitored Security System

If you are shopping for a self monitored security system for either your business or your home, you will come across two primary choices. This includes monitored types and self-monitoring types. Here is a comparison of both types to help you make a more informed decision.

The Price

The self-monitored security systems are the best option if you are on a tight budget. This is because you will only be paying for the security system or the cameras without a contract or monthly fee. When it comes to the monitored security-systems, there are fees involved for the system itself and you will need to sign a contract with a vendor that will come with monthly fees that range from $5 to $50 for the monitoring services.


After you have purchased a self monitored security system you acquire full ownership. When it comes to the monitored systems as soon as the contract is terminated, the vendor will usually reclaim ownership of the system and devices.

False Alarms

At some point, a home-security system might trigger a false alarm. With a self-monitoring security system, a notification will be sent to you via your email or phone as soon as the camera has detected motions. From here you are able to access the software on either your PC or phone to either view the captured images or you can watch a live feed in order to confirm if the alarm was false or not.

With the monitored system, the alarm is activated and this signal is automatically sent to the security company once motion is detected. If the alarm is false, you may be liable to pay a fee for a false alarm. In addition, in some cases, there is a time lag between the true alarm and the alert made to the security company.


If you choose a self-monitored security system, you get to enjoy full ownership and the ability to install your system at any location of your choosing. For this reason, if you move house or your business, you also get to move the security system with you, without the need to inform the vendor.

Tips On What To Look For In Self-Monitored Security Systems

Network Connection

The self-monitoring security systems usually transmit data through cellular signals, WiFi, or Ethernet cables. If you live or work in an area with strong WiFi signal coverage, it is best to use a WiFi self-monitoring security system. If there is no WiFi available, then the cellular security systems are your next best option.

Self-Monitoring Alarm System Alerts

The best self-monitoring security systems feature Smart Motion sensors along with intelligent alerts that will let you know in real time. When any motion is detected, these alarm system will send you an email, or message to your phone immediately.

Easy Control

The top-rated self-monitoring systems provide easy control, allowing you to adjust any settings to the system following a few simple steps. For instance, you can easily arm motion detections as soon as you go to sleep or you leave home, and then disarm this feature when you arrive home.

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