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See Why Slow Cookers Are Making A Comeback

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See Why Slow Cookers Are Making A Comeback

Why is a slow cooker the absolute best option? These days, we live such fast-paced lives. We want everything with an increasing quickness, and that includes our food. Who has time to cook?

With a slow cooker, however, you can escape the notion that you don’t have any time to cook. In fact, you can set it and forget it. You can’t do that with a stove or an oven. And who wants to use a microwave?

Okay, microwaves are handy at times for sure, but you already know that using one isn’t going to provide you with the best tasting food. Let’s talk barbecue for a minute.

Now, it is always fun to fire up the grill. But you can have delicious tasting barbecue any day of the week if you turn on the crockpot. Throw a pork shoulder in there, and let it simmer until it melts in your mouth. The same goes for other meats, too.

Slow cookers work quite nicely when you want the ingredients of your recipe to marry so that your food tastes even better. It just takes time. Have you ever cooked something and then decided the leftovers tasted even better the next day?

It happens, especially when you are talking chili. You can make some awesome chili when you use a slow cooker. And when you do cook with your crockpot, resolve to start digging into your spice cabinet more often.

You may even find yourself cooking with fresh herbs. How about some beef stew? You can make so many delicious recipes without having to stand in the kitchen while everything is cooking. And what’s more is you can find these recipes quite easily.

Some dishes are easier to make than others and require less prepping. Take that pork shoulder for example. You can rub it down with your favorite spices and toss it in the crockpot. Hours later, right before it is time to eat, simply use the long fork you have in your kitchen for cooking bacon to start shredding it up so that you can add barbecue sauce.

Shredding the pulled pork takes just a couple of minutes after it has been simmering in a slow cooker for hours. Does that make your mouth water for a pulled pork sandwich and a side of chips?

Chili and beef stew were mentioned. Truth is, you can make all kinds of homemade soups with a slow cooker. And, you might also want to look at more modern pressure cookers, too, like the instant pot. Some of the pressure cookers also double as slow cookers.

Take back your kitchen. Avoid those drive thrus and microwave meals as often as you can. You are still choosing convenience when you cook with a crockpot. Set it and forget it, and you and your family can enjoy some interesting dishes. All it takes is a little prepping, ahead of schedule, and when it is time to eat, dinner is ready to serve. How does that sound?

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