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What Makes a Military to Civilian Resume Successful

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When it comes to military to civilian resumes, there are a number of things that make resumes successful. Do you want to know what some of these things are, that way you can create a good resume? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

They Clarify What’s In It For The Employer
Civilian resumes need to convey specific information to employers. This includes mentioning exactly what the prospective employer will get. Explaining what’s in it for an employer can make or break your chances of getting the job.

It might be tempted to focus on telling employers about your skills and strengths, as well as past accomplishments. However, the company is not going to know how they will benefit from those. Instead, think about how you positively impacted the branch of military you were in and what kind of team successes you’ve achieved. Employers will pay you more attention when they can clearly see it would be in their best interest to hire you.

Use Quantitative Info

When creating a civilian resume, you want to use quantitative info because this will grab the attention of prospective employers. While creating your resume, you want to make sure whatever numbers you use are concise. When compared to words, our minds responds better to numbers.

Instead of using words to talk about your achievements, you should use symbols and numbers. Your prospective employers’ eyes will automatically be drawn to the symbols and numbers. In turn, you might be called back for a second interview or they will hire you on the spot.


Resumes that are the most successful tend to be simple and straightforward. The layout should be clean and free of cluttered. In also needs to be easy to read. The more simple your resume is, the better your chances of getting a job are.

Keep things simple by telling the companies what they can expect from you if hired. There’s no need to complicate things or anything like that. Instead, focus on keep everything as simple as possible. Examples of keeping things simple includes using short sentences, not using clumpy paragraphs and things of that nature.

Well Written

Finally, your civilian resume needs to be well written, otherwise an employer will immediately write you off. Double check your resume for misspelled words or let an editor take a look at your resume. They should be able to find spelling mistakes.

If you cannot write a resume or you’re not comfortable with doing it, then hire a professional. There are resume writers that will put together the perfect resume. It will be eye-catching and will be well-written, which will make an immediate and powerful impression on prospective employers.

That is what makes a military to civilian resumes successful. If you are transitioning from the military to civilian life and you need to create a resume, then consider having a professional do it for you. They can create the perfect civilian resume that will increase your chances of landing a job.

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