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The Top Bar Exam Prep Courses

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In order to properly prep for your esteemed Bar exam, you’ll want to look into investing in a bar exam prep course. And while there’s so many variations to choose from, you’re also going to be faced with several scam tactics from various establishments that claim they are the best. So, keep in mind that you’ll really need to prep in order to get the marks that you desire.

Since the beginning of Bar exams, students have been faced with panic attacks and even anxiety due to the high standards which were set. And like we’ve mentioned before all you need to do is properly prep and you’ll be filled with success.

Top 3 Bar Exam Prep Courses

BarMax Review Course

Number one on our list is the five-star course available from BarMax. BarMax offers a certain level of true flexibility for its users and it has even been made available online as well as through a specialised application. They have even allowed their users access to various textbooks through their app and it can even be accessed from any location. And for most, studying is more exciting when it can be done from any location, even the beach if need be.

However, BarMax has proved itself to be very reliable since it allows users to fully access material without the use of internet. The BarMax course is available to users at a price of $1499. And while this may seem like a lot, it really isn’t when compared to other courses available. After paying a onetime fee, users will have full lifetime access to flashcards, audio lectures and even various black-letter outlines.

The BarMax course also features over 1700 multiple choice questions along with performance tests, practice essays and even writing revisions. Additionally, users will also be able to access customer support via email, phone and even messages that can be sent from their personalised app. Simply put, you’re more than getting true value for your money. BarMax even created a study planner for its users.

The BarMax study planner was designed to ensure that users make full use of a study timetable with daily assignments and even a review session. So, if you’re interested in preparing sooner, don’t forget that BarMax offers lifetime access to its course! And they even offer financing plans for users upon enrolment.

Kaplan Bar Review Course

Second on our Bar Exam Prep Courses list is another five-star course from Kaplan. Kaplan has been known throughout various industries for being comprehensive. This particular course offers its users a huge chunk of resources and it is even available within every state. They even offer live lectures, a state-of-the-art study plan, more than 4000 practice questions and there’s even an option for unlimited grading of your essays.

Kaplan has also structured their course in an easy to follow manner that allows users to stay focused and it even gives them up to 7 full days of prep. Additionally, users are allowed up to a whopping 36 days of rigorous review and they can even participate in an intense 4 days of specialised stimulated Bar Exam prep. Kaplans course is also quite flexible and as we’ve said before users can even participate in live online lectures.

Potential students will also be able to access a specialised Online Bar Lecture Library. This will allow them to make use of lectures as well as even use on-demand notes through their mobile application. With that said, Kaplan’s price starts at $1895 and can go all the way up to $3600. And while this may seem like a lot of cash, you can’t beat flexibility and quality.

Themis Bar Prep Course

Themis is one of those really fast paced review courses. However, at a price of $1695, you absolutely can’t go wrong and it is even available for all states. When purchased, students will be able to access a wide selection of specialised quizzes on each topic as well as video lectures. Additionally, they also offer over 3000 practice questions, flashcards and exams.

Themis is also one of the few that actually offer unlimited grading of essays and of course full customer support no matter the day or time. However, since their course is faster paced, they provide a concise 15 minute or even 20 minute video for each topic. And while you’re probably wondering how can such a short time deliver quality content, it has been proven that smaller sessions actually keep students more focused. On the down side, this course is only offered within 44 states.

As we conclude we have just looked at the best options for Bar Exam Prep Courses. It’s best to also keep in mind that while there are other courses available, there are several scams on the market. So, invest in your future today and be prepared for your Bar Exam!

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