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An Unbiased Review of YouTube TV

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When you are shopping around for a video streaming service, you want to really look for the one that is going to meet your specific needs and criteria that would make it a viable cable alternative. YouTube TV is one of the services that is really showing a lot of promise. Below, we will be going over some of the different things to like about it and to not like about it in our YouTube TV review.

A YouTube TV Review

1. Price.

When it comes to pricing, YouTube TV is right in the mid-range. While it is not the cheapest service that you will find, it does happen to offer a lot of channels for the money. The cost is relatively affordable for those that are looking to replace their cable bill with it and it sits in the mid-tier of the streaming services. While you could potentially pay less with Sling TV or other offerings, you are not going to get the same channel packages that you would get with YouTube TV.

2. Streams.

This is an area where you will need to be careful when you are shopping around for a streaming service. You want to try to find the option that is going to allow you to simultaneously stream enough devices. YouTube TV is going to cap you at 3 devices. Therefore, once you have three streams running concurrently, you are not going to be able to go for more. This is going to work well for those that might have two people in their household. For those that have 3 or more, you might be pushing your luck with this service.

3. Unlimited Storage.

This is probably the best feature of the YouTube TV subscription. With YouTube TV, you are going to get unlimited cloud storage which means that you will never run out of space for your DVR. This alone might make YouTube TV a much better option than some of the others that you could potentially choose from. If you are someone that is planning on and/or who regularly uses DVR functionality, you are likely going to like not having to worry about having limits. Whereas, a majority of the other streaming services have very low limits and/or they force you to pay for added cloud storage.

Overall, there is a lot that you must consider when you are trying to figure out which live streaming TV service you should be going with. YouTube TV is going to be great for those that are heavily into Android devices and the Google ecosystem as a whole. It is going to be fully compatible with just about any device that you could want and it is going to offer a well-curated line up of over 80 channels. Therefore, it can be seen as a suitable cable replacement. It is one of the best offerings when it comes to the value that it offers for the money which makes it a recommended live streaming service that is worthy of at least taking for a trial at the very least.

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