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Upgrading Your Gaming Machine with CAM-Powered Devices

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One of the best things about owning a PC over a console is that not only do you get to enjoy high performance in games, with high resolutions and stunning framerates as well as options for mods, overlays and handy helper apps, you can also enjoy having a great looking machine at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice function for form.

CAM-powered devices are becoming increasingly popular in high-end gaming machines. These are smart devices that offer HUE+ and GRID+ digital controllers, so you can control RGB lighting through the CAM software. CAM-powered devices can turn your computer into a device that glows and pulses to match your mood.

CAM Offers More Than Just a Glow

In addition to beautiful colors and fun glows, CAM offers some other handy features that maintain the performance and integrity of your device. For example, CAM can measure your PC’s load and temperature and can automatically manage the speed of your fans, providing cooling when needed and then reducing the fan speed if you’re just watching a movie and your computer is running cooler.

Adaptive noise reduction helps you to manage your acoustics and maximize cooling performance, reducing noise output and power consumption.

What Devices Support CAM?

Many popular liquid cooled cases support CAM, as do a lot of fans, light strips and CPU coolers. There are even some NZXT motherboards that have CAM support, so you can build a custom gaming PC that will glow exactly as you want it, and that will have good cooling performance.

Monitor Your PC

Another great feature of CAM powered devices is that you can monitor the load and performance of your PC not just from the CAM app that is installed on your machine, but also from an app on your phone. This is handy if you want to know how much drive space you have left before you buy that massive MMO in a sale, and it’s also nice for monitoring the performance of your PC while you’re out and about. These days, computers are pretty reliable, but if you’ve just upgraded your water cooling system and you’re running Prime 95 to test the stability and performance, then you might want to have some peace of mind that your computer isn’t about to blow up while you go to the store and leave it running.

Having a mobile dashboard for monitoring the performance of your computer is not something that most people think of as being important but it is actually pretty useful and something that will grow on you once you get used to it. You can check in on your specs and even remotely monitor your PC. NZXT offers some of the best monitoring software out there, and you can find them here. The desktop version of the software offers access to even more data so you can tune your PC for maximum performance in games. Even if you don’t have any CAM-powered hardware yet, the app is nice to have, and investing in CAM supported hardware later on will make your PC gaming experience even better.

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