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Benefits of Kitting and Assembly Services

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Kitting and Assembly Services: Basic Information

As you try to find information about kitting and assembly services, you may not know much information about what these two terms mean, or about the differences between the two. Let’s take some time to learn a bit about this now.

Kitting is the process of packaging several related items together to create a single product that is ready to ship.

For example, instead of selling a phone and charging cable individually, both items are put together and sold as a single item, known as a “kit”.

The process of putting all of the pieces together and getting it ready to ship is known as assembly.

In this example, the charger and phone would be pulled from stock, packaged in the same box, and shipped as a single item.

Some types of products work very well with kitting and assembly services, such as:


Samples of Products

Electronic Items


MLM Kits

Boxes for Subscription Programs

Media Kits

Training Materials

Corporate Enrollment Materials

Benefits of Kitting and Assembly Services

There are numerous benefits for using kitting and assembly services from a fulfillment center to meet your corporate needs.

1 – Fill Your Orders Quickly

When you have a large number of orders to fill, the process is faster and goes more smoothly when the products for those orders are put together in bulk. This also limits what the products cost you, as you can order batches of each item that you need in larger qualities and take advantage of bulk pricing. The products can then be packaged together as a kit and shipped to the consumer. Often, you can buy products more cheaply when you get more of them in bulk, instead of attempting to purchase product sets or kits that are already put together.

2 – Reduce Shipping Mistakes

When items are shipped as kits, instead of as individual items, the chance of shipping errors goes down. There’s also no need to label and ship individual items, and shipping labels can be printed in advance. Eliminating steps along the way helps dramatically reduce the number of opportunities for errors to be made. When your company streamlines the process, there are fewer weak points along the way, limiting the room for mistakes. As each shipping, manufacturing, or packing mistake costs you quite a bit of money, keeping those to a minimum is the best way to keep within budget.

3 – Cost Effective Packaging

Your company can also limit money spent on postage when your items are packaged as kits in a box that’s precisely sized to fit them.

These numerous benefits convert into quite a bit of savings for you, and let your customers enjoy the high-quality service they’ve grown to expect. If you run a company that regularly ships items to customers, it may be well worth contracting with a kitting service to assemble the packages that go out in the mail to your customers. This will help you save money and ensure that everything is shipped in an organized, attractive fashion.

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