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The Benefits Of Organic Mattresses

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The mattress that you are sleeping on should be an important purchase. After all, most of us spend at least a third of our time asleep on it. It is important to invest in a mattress which is not only comfortable but also made from high-quality materials. You may also want to consider a mattress which is chemical free and sustainable like an organic mattress.

Below is a list of benefits you can achieve when it comes to buying an organic mattress:

1. Enjoy Chemical-Free Sleeping Experiences

When sleeping on traditional mattresses, the chances are high that you are exposed to a number of chemicals that are usually harmful that were used to manufacture the mattress. Some of these chemicals include fire retardants, pesticides, and other chemicals which are usually carcinogenic.

When you choose an organic mattress, the mattress is usually made from organic cotton and is free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, most of the traditional mattresses contain plastics and synthetic fabrics which may contribute to skin irritations. Organic mattresses contain only natural materials which either reduce or eliminate irritation.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Buying a mattress that is non-sustainable has an effect that is adverse on the environment and our planet. The traditionally made mattresses contain plastics, synthetic fabrics, and chemicals that usually won’t degrade, and end up spending hundreds of years in the landfills, which contributes to significant waste. When you choose an organic version, you are also making a choice in a more biodegradable and sustainable option.

The manufacturing process used to make mattresses that are organic use far less natural resources and land when compared to the traditional mattresses. In addition, the manufacturers are able to extract latex used in organic mattresses by using a healthier and more sustainable method when compared to traditional manufacturers that usually chop down the rubber trees.

3. Relieve Allergies

When sleeping on a standard mattress, you are constantly exposed to irritating pesticides and chemicals. You might be experiencing allergic symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, coughing, and skin irritations when you sleep on your mattress. If you have a respiratory condition like emphysema or bronchitis, you might even experience even worse symptoms.

The mattresses that are advertised as organic do not contain pesticides and chemicals. What this is means is that they are actually hypoallergenic. You are able to drastically lower your overall exposure to such chemicals, along with decreasing your allergic symptoms. What’s more, sleeping on an organic mattress will also lower exposure to other harmful irritants such as mold, mildew, dust, and bacteria.

4. Better Temperature Regulation

If you sweat a lot while you sleep, a bed which is hot is often very uncomfortable and will have an impact on your sleep quality. Many of the standard mattresses are prone to getting extremely hot when you sleep. The organic versions, on the other hand, can help to regulate your temperature and ensure that the mattress stays cool on those hot summer nights. In addition, most good quality organic mattresses also stay warm in winter, due to the natural insulation characteristics associated with these materials.

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